Approach Anxiety vs Social Freedom Podcast Liam McRae Shae Matthews


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How to destroy approach anxiety. Shae Matthews from The Natural Lifestyles interviews Liam McRae on inner game and how it relates to social freedom.

13 thoughts on “Approach Anxiety vs Social Freedom Podcast Liam McRae Shae Matthews

  1. I'm in America. I'm attend a university that has been a pain in the ass. I do try not to give a f$%k but so many people know each other. Having trouble navigating. Please don't say it's a numbers game b/c it's not working. So many of them put up this bs front and make it seem like they're solely looking for marriage. It's moving too slowly for me. Any thoughts?

  2. wow thanks for a fast reply 🙂 I will be bold with you, it is a mindset you have been stuck in for too long. The reality is whatever you believe will be true for you. If you are willing to change it and put some work into it then great, shoot me a PM and I will help you personally or I'll give you some useful resources.

  3. I am going to go out on a limb and say there is a genetic component to it. I've always been like this growing up, even as a kid. The reason I feel awkward is because I am not an outgoing person so if I am meeting a stranger for the first time, I just won't know how to interact with them and if it's a hot girl that just makes it that much more difficult.

  4. Hey Razear, where does that belief that you can't talk to people come from ? Past experience in childhood? When you feel awkward it is just because you are doing something new, like writing with your left hand if you are right-handed person… that would feel awkward for me as well.

  5. calling it 'social phobia' is part of the problem. if you label it that, then every time you feel that normal tingling senstation in your body when you're nervous your brain says OH FUCK I HAVE A DISORDER.

    this feeling is not a disorder. its normal. start calling that feeling 'approach energy.' its there to help you.

    from now on you are banned from telling anyone you have 'social phobia'. every time you say it you make it true.

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