Artificial Intelligence: History, Mystery & Career |


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In this Video:
1) History of Artificial Intelligence
2) What is AI?
3) What is Machine Learning?
4) What is Deep Learning?
5) How to make career in AI?

Python by Saurabh Shukla Sir
Python by Saurabh Sir

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45 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence: History, Mystery & Career |

  1. I think you should keep giving the knowledge of AI, BLOCKCHAIN,ML and what are the prerequisites and how should one approch in next 3 4 years of college to learn these technologies…bcoz this technologies are FUTURE for us.

  2. Sir, running पर भी जाया करो, धीरे धीरे मोटे हो रहे हो 😂

  3. Sir
    Sounds is very good
    Hmne tao apka video dekhna chhor hie Dia thae because sound is very low
    But iska video ka sound very good h hm pura video dekha karenge 🙏🙏

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