Ball Python care. Tips, basics, enclosure set up.


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In this video I go over the proper housing of a Ball Python! I teach you how to properly keep temperature and humidity. I teach you the essentials to keep a happy and healthy animal! (Click “Show More” for product links)

Xikar temp/humidity gauge (

Air transfer system for humidity…

21 thoughts on “Ball Python care. Tips, basics, enclosure set up.

  1. Its impossible to keep the humidity in your enclosure because you have the worst kind of substrate. Aspen is bad at keeping humidity. Use forest floor substrate, eco earth, or reptibark to keep the humidity higher. You can even do a good mix of all three of them. Sphagnum moss is also a good option as well. Also, keeping that piece of glass on the top of your enclosure isn't a good idea either. Your spooky noodle isn't getting any air. If you fix your substrate problem, you won't need the piece of glass on the top. Please give the little guy some air! 🙁

  2. Can those red lamps run 24hr for ball pythons?? If not what light should be used if any light ? I have a small heat pad under tank but doesnt seem to put off enough heat during the night, thats why i would want to run a bulb during the night. Thankyou

  3. Also thanks for tips on humidity as of so far it’s been OK with Misting the main problem I have is getting the cold end to be as warm as it’s meant to be the temp in the hotspots is fine tho could I use too bulbs on different thermostats?

  4. I’ve got a bulb set up on way been useing a heat Matt till now but mines nearly 4yrs and burned her belly slightly (thermal burn) so I’ll never use one again she’s in a viv tho maybe if i has a glass tank I would, still ive got a 150watt ceramic (as it’s a 4ft viv) i will Be using it with a dimming thermostat just hope i get the hang of it never used a bulb set up with any of mine but the rest are corns so not as big and heavy.

  5. If mesh tops are so bad, why does ExoTerra make them that way. I have had my python in one for years and never had any issues. With a closed top, you will have no ventilation and you will grow mold and other problem causing bacteria.

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