Ball Python Care


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Steph from LLLReptile discusses basic care for ball pythons, and we show one of our beautiful baby Spider Ball Pythons!

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34 thoughts on “Ball Python Care

  1. What about heat lamps? That's the only thing I don't get if you need to have a lamp on all day and all night or just day, and infra red lamp at night. If anyone knows please tell me

  2. So I am looking to maybe get one of these guys, and the one I am looking at is a small little python. The tank I have atm is the same as the one at the pet store (10 gal), so would he be good for a little while? Until I can afford an upgrade after a while?

  3. I recently purchased a Royal python from pets at home (uk pet store) I'm using an Exo terra terrarium that they recommended to me. It has a mesh ceiling so all humidity is lost. I covered this ceiling in tin foil to preserve the humidity but I'm still loosing it fast. I was using a heat mat but it wasn't producing enough heat so I switched to a heat lamp. I'm getting roughly 93-95f on the hot end and 79-82f on the cool end with a humidity of 40-60%. Is this set up ok and what heat source do you recommend for a 3 month old Royal in a small terrarium

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