Ball python feeding a mouse with tips and info about care


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Pandora the lemon pastel feeding

4 thoughts on “Ball python feeding a mouse with tips and info about care

  1. by doing so, the snake will be in her hunting mode even further, and by gently nudging the snake with the rodents nose she should notice the rodent and strike. appologies for the long winded response, but try out what i suggest and see what happens.
    please keep me updated. thanks for watching

  2. the best thing to do, is use a smallish box and with the prey once defrosted, rub it around a bit so the scent is in the box. when u place ur snake in there, she should smell it and expect to have a feed. as i did this mine has not refused one feed except for the 1st week i had her. so:-
    1. leave her a few more days, dont attempt to feed her again
    2. use a smallish box for feeding
    3. rub prey item in box for the scent
    4. feed in the dark.
    5. using tongues u can make the rodent seem alive

  3. thanks for watching the video first of all. if u have only had her 5 days she may still be 'settling' in. dont keep trying to offer food or she could off food fo a long time. the best thing to do if wait a few more days, dont handle her at all just let her become familair to her surroundings. in the box i use here, u can see a few stains and markings from previous ffeds, sounds un sanitary, but the scent of a rodent will trigger the feeding response of the animal.

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