Ball Python with Spider Wobble


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For those of you looking to educate yourself about Spider Ball Python genetics and “Spider Wobble” this little guy is a prime example of how bad the condition can be. It’s a good video showing the behavior associated with the disorder. This is a young Killer bee ball python with extreme spider wobble.

22 thoughts on “Ball Python with Spider Wobble

  1. I have a Killerbee Ghost and though I love him, I will never purchase a spider morph ever again. Its heartbreaking to hear him thunk on the ground constantly at night, because he likes climbing around, but is unfortunately unable to keep his balance. His wobbling is almost as severe as the snake in this video- and I really wish I did more research before purchasing one.

  2. It hurts me to watch this. :'( Snakes can't tell you how they feel. You can't really tell if he's hurt or not. I bet he's stressed out. I mean just look at him! I'm glad I have a normal ball python that's functioning normally.

  3. I have one and he lives just like other snakes do there is nothing wrong with him and he is awesome yall just want the coolest snake ever and life isnt perfect he has a worse wobble then this and hes awesome

  4. People who breed these ball pythons are not animal lovers. They see their snakes as decoration, not as living beings. I couldn't watch my snake if it were to suffer like that. Hell, I already feel bad when I see my poor corn snake try to dig through the glass of his terrarium and he just wants out to fuck. But seeing this "wobble"? Every day? Hell nah. Spider morphs should be illegal to breed and keep.

  5. This is horrible to watch 🙁 I was looking online on craigslist to adopt a new snake or two and found someone selling spider morphs for a really low price. I started looking up info on them and started reading about this condition. This is the first time I've seen it and it's so sad to watch the snake going through this. They have to live their lives with this condition and it's absolutely heartbreaking to watch. People need to stop breeding these snakes. It's cruel to bring a snake into the world that's going to have to suffer it's entire life and live like this for some jerk off to make a few bucks.

  6. I love how people are so upset over this wobble syndrome when it doesn't even truly hurt a snake. I have a champagne ball (they have the wobble gene) and he's a happy little baby going through life and being a fabulous snek.

    Personally, I find the gene rather cute and would be willing to by one of these gorgeous snakes.

  7. I got a spider from a pet store. Have had him for about 4 months. Eats fine and everything. When I feed him he wobbles a lot. He doesn't always have this wobble but when it comes out it really comes out. He will miss his prey and then be upside down, often times ending up with his head in his water bowl trying to right himself. Right now I just fed him, after attempting for about 45 minutes to keep reheating the rat so that the snake could find it. Finally I put the rat right next to it's head and it kinda slowly pounced on it. Now, he is under his water dish and I can see from the side that his belly is up. Looks like he is laying down with it's belly up against the bottom of the water bowl. Is he doing this on purpose? Maybe he is looking for belly heat (my heat lamp is directly above the water bowl to increase humidity, and it could be heating up the plastic bowl).

    Please HELP!

  8. I purchased a killerbee ball a couple of weeks ago from a reptile expo in Brentwood NY and my snake has this exact same condition. it eats fine in my opinion, I feed it live full adult mice and it strikes almost immediately and gets it down within 5 to 10 minutes but every night for at least two or three hours straight it has the same "wobble" as shown in the video. how will this effect him as he grows older, will it die from this excessive illness or maybe break out of its glass tank as it gets larger and heavier?

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