Basic 1.13 MOB ELEVATOR TUTORIAL | Java & Bedrock, Simple, Cheap


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My latest tutorial video is a common viewer request while also being a remake of a previous, not as good, more rambley video. This is a working simple 1.13.1 or 1.6 Mob Elevator design. This will work in both Java Edition as well as Bedrock Edition. 1.13 broke earlier mob elevator designs. This is about the simplest mob elevator possible now. If you have any questions feel free to ask them down below.

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18 thoughts on “Basic 1.13 MOB ELEVATOR TUTORIAL | Java & Bedrock, Simple, Cheap

  1. for undead you can use a turtle egg behind the water elevator to make them run into it. you could also use that egg to separate undead from other mobs with it for the ppl that would like to experiment

  2. I came here because I had similar troubles to your first video in how to fix my simple elevator grinder and came to the same conclusions, hoping somebody else had come up with something clever. Guess not, though I'll have to see whether Etho looked into this.

    How "resource-friendly" this is depends on how early in the game one builds it. I usually don't have silk touch yet when I build my first grinder, so ice isn't possible to come by, but pistons are reasonably cheap. And without ice they all stop on that water-free spot and there is no moving them without pistons or waiting for them to push each other — it's just inelegant. I tried everything else, like speed them up by dropping the water several times (doesn't), let the elevator stream flow out to the back for one block so it might suck them in (nope) — I even put a wolf right there behind glass, which supposedly scares skeletons, and he was real eager to get at them (it was quite a massacre when he got out while I was fumbling block placement), but they didn't care when he was behind glass.

    In any case, this works well enough. I watched my skeleton spawner for a while (with ice, no piston) and counted, and about 1 out of 25 got hung up and waited around until the next skelly pushed him. That's not too bad. I use a piston setup at the drop site so I can switch it from auto to one-hit kill, and now I can plan my building that'll use a lot of bone blocks. I am not sure whether I like the new water mechanics; the change breaks a whole lot of things right now.

  3. Good one. Thank you for throwing in the Bedrock edition as well. I on Bedrock these days until Optifine comes out. Hopefully it will make 1.13.1 playable for me. Anyway, great tutorial. Will keep this in mind.

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