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bfbc2 guide written by me

Battlefield Bad Company 2 tips and tricks. This video keeps things pretty basic nothing really advanced is talked about. I’ll get into deeper stuff in later videos

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26 thoughts on “Battlefield Bad Company 2 Tips Tricks

  1. ahem, don't you need a vehicle specialization to see a mine (v elect), so all mines you SEE without that spec are of your own team… so its fakkin retarded to shoot em….. (mines of your own team have IFF or how its called and wont blow if you ride over them)

    No offense, correct me if I'm wrong

  2. Eh….. "Tips Tricks"….. Ok….. Where is the "Tips" and "Tricks" in this video?
    Not much of a tips and tricks video. Just 1 video of 1 match talking just a bit about what you are doing without telling about any "tips" or any "tricks".
    Why has youtube made this new look anyway? It sucks big time.

  3. @Scoottheloot Well, unless you are speaking statstically, there are no "best" guns, only whatever you prefer/whatever is best for your play style, personally, I don't like the LMGs, I use the Thompson when ever im the medic. That's just my two cents!

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