Best Android Emulator 2017 | BlueStacks 3 (Fast, Smooth, Better)


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BlueStacks 3 – The Newest and Best Android Emulator
Bluestacks 3 is really fast and the best android emulator now, you hated bluestacks older versions now try bluestacks 3 its the best android emulator…

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29 thoughts on “Best Android Emulator 2017 | BlueStacks 3 (Fast, Smooth, Better)

  1. 20 videos later…….. finally someone who knows how to actually make a review video without the stupid notepad and loud background music. Thanks for this! I think I'll stick with BS3 and keep MeMu and Nox for backup. I still don't really know which one I like best but BS3 is the goto for now. 😀

  2. yesterday i try to do a test of emulators on my PC. (an i7 7700k, 16GB RAM, Win7 64bit, all drivers up to date)
    I downloaded Bluestacks 3, Memuplay and the new Nox.
    All three crashes my system before installation complete. So none of them works on my PC right now.
    Can u help me?

  3. thanks for doing this review man I've been using BlueStacks since it first came out used it for a couple of years then it seems stuck at version 2.3 or so we'll give it a shot again keep it up

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