Blender 2.5 Tutorial – Writing a Python Script that Creates a Simple 3D Model


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NOTE: In version 2.56 beta they have replaced the ‘report view’ of the Python console window with the Info window. To follow this tutorial in version 2.56 or later you will have to change the bottom right hand window of the scripting layout to the Info window.

When you work in the 3D view, Blender converts your actions into API (application programming interface) commands. The Python console (in report view) displays these commands and you can copy and paste them into a Python…

30 thoughts on “Blender 2.5 Tutorial – Writing a Python Script that Creates a Simple 3D Model

  1. Homework somebody to write script for aling objects by edge whitiout entering in edit mode and whit left mouse botton click the edge holding and start moveing until rich the edge of other object that you want and automatic snap or aling es iqual

  2. @TheLegendaryJai As you can see there are lots of arguments that can be passed to a python function call, if most of them default to sensible values it is just for simplicity to only use the arguments that you want to change. I not sure I understand your second question, I made a simple model in 3D view, I made a note of the location, rotation and scale values and put these into the script.

  3. I have have 2 questions for you . 1 Why do yo delete the arguments from the py console . 2 How do you kow witch values shapes are suposed to be correct for your monkey model . Are you guessing .?

  4. I need some help on a script, here is what I want to do, I want to take an object and convert it in to many points with there co ordinates, this will allow me to take a 3D model and burn it into a crystal object with a subsurface engraver. the extension is .cbf

  5. This is the same as recording a macro file (a series of key presses in any application), the macro can then be played or modified to refine or create new macros.

    For simple models is gives you all the steps in kit form, making variations of the model is easily achieved by changing parameters and re-running the script.

    If working in a team it is also a perfect way of showing exactly how you made a model.

    It is also, as you say, an interesting way for newbies to start creating longer scripts.

  6. Very interesting use of scripts. for a newbie i find this fascinating. As to what degree anyone will use this compared to using the interface tools i do not know. Please enlighten.

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