Bottom Navigation Bar in Android Studio XML Tutorial


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How to design a bottom navigation bar for Android App with the Android Studio by using XML language and plug-in for Android Material Design Icon Generator.

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32 thoughts on “Bottom Navigation Bar in Android Studio XML Tutorial

  1. mas angga, dari pengamatan saya setelah beberapa hari dalam implementasi Buttom NavBar, secara default tinggi Buttom NavBar tsb akan terlihat lebih tinggi beberapa dp dari beberapa aplikasi (seperti versi terbaru dari Youtube di android), pertanyaan saya kenapa hal tsb dapat terjadi, dan bagaimana solusinya?

  2. This video is nice.Please upload a video for how to change constraintlayout to relativelayout… and also show how to make default layout as relative layout?? my default layout is constraint layout

  3. how to make a list view application, then click list view items and go to next activity then close app. then re open application and show the clicking or (selected activity show) , shear preference . please making this video , this model vedios not available in YouTube , in your first after make vedio , please relay and please make vedio

  4. nice, thank you, i was using some third party navigation bar from github :D, also i lost my phone but you can always contact me here 😀 or twitter @frankiity

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