Call of Duty Black Ops Commentary || 45 Kill Python-Tomahawk Only….Leveling Up Part 2


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A nice special game in which I only use the python and tomahawk on ground war domination. I think there may be a C4 tossed in there as well. Watch for many bank tomahawks and streaks.

Topic is in addition to the previous commentary about leveling with some tips and advice. Please comment with questions or your input.

Part 1 of Commentary

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44 thoughts on “Call of Duty Black Ops Commentary || 45 Kill Python-Tomahawk Only….Leveling Up Part 2

  1. @MrErnestLe I got over 38 thousand exp in one match by using UAV, Sam Turret and Care Package, on ground war, put sam turret in a good spot takes out a whole load of stuff, and UAV speaks for itsself, and if the care package is under a 9 killstreak i share it for exp…whats your highest exp game and what game mode, if you dont know you can see it in personal bests i think

  2. Finally, someone who feels the same way I do about the counter uav. I know I can't get a chopper gunner every game, but I know I can get 5-6 uav and counter uav every game, and since I've been running them consistently, my teams do better, and I level up quicker. Seriously man, you give good, usable advice, too many commentators begin to stray from that once they get big, all to quick to forget what got them there in the first place. Please, keep doin what ya doin!

  3. @JPan186 I know what you mean..but you shouldn't look at it that way. You can still get a good KD with a great win/loss but it depends on a few things. Get a team first off of decent players who know how to play the game type. People don't realize that KD means NOTHING if you don't win. I've seen people with 4.0 KD and .5 win/loss. That just means you camp your brains off and don't play the objective.

  4. I really try not to care about my k/d but I can't help it.. BO is so frustrating for me and since the beginning of the game (I had 2+ k/d) till now it's gone down immensely to a 1.74. My w/l is still over a 2, but do you have any tips to either stop caring about my k/d or raise it easier while still maintaining a good win/loss ratio?

  5. @TheReeker2k10 I would look relative to who else is in the game and how I am doing compared to everyone. If my score is well above the rest, than that is something I am satisfied with. Score per minute can be seen in leaderboards but score per game cannot however, so this is a number I can't specifcally tell you.

  6. @willox1000 When the game first came out, I would go to work and play up until I went to bed. So you're looking at like 6 hours back then. Now, I play probably for about 2-4 hours.

  7. @APMbeast32 How the hell did you come up with that? Lmao. He said he got to prestige 14 in 7days and 22 hours. That's a total of 190 hours. So 190hours divided by 14prestiges = 13.57 hours per prestige. If he prestiged once every two hours.. he would have been 14th prestige in 28hours.. lmao. By the way I'm not trying to be a smart ass… It's basic math. Just a frienly correction. Nice gameplay dude!

  8. I agree with you 100%. I do the same thing low killstreaks with hardline. Spy, counter an napalm. I consistently do well with those on domination. I always know where the enemy is and they are always blind with no radar. Great commentary btw. Keep em coming

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