Cane toads hop on board 3.5m python


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It’s the crossover event no one asked for …
A huge storm in Australia’s north on Sunday flushed out a sight which either fascinated or horrified those who saw it – 10 cane toads riding the back of a 3.5m python

50 thoughts on “Cane toads hop on board 3.5m python

  1. Some brightspark thought it might be cool to import the mutts and then release them to eat cane beetles without pausing for a second to consider the impact on the native species of the original inhabitants…fucckin scientist clown!!!

  2. They're not "hitching a ride"…. All those toads are trying to mate with the snake – very common behavior. The same person who shot this video also has a picture of one trying to mate with a rotten mango. You're basically looking at an orgy here…. 😂😂😂

  3. I think this is related to sex. I hear the toads singing, this is a reproductive call. The storm may produced good conditions for the toad reproduction, but there was a lock of females, and somehow they did the amplexus union to a snake. I had provoque this same answer with cane toad recordings, playing it as loop, over recording the answer, and duplicating it, till it seems that hundreds of toads are singing, what happened was that dozens of male toad came and start having sex with each other, even with my rubber boots. I did'nt have a 3.5 meter python then hahahaha.

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