Channel Update – Upcoming Minecraft Java/Bedrock Series and more


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Hi everyone, welcome to a little Channel update video. I have been really busy behind the scenes lately, planning the future of my channel… I hope you all enjoy!

My Twitter account is here, feel free to follow for further updates:

Intro and Outro music by GA-H13 at

All other music from YouTube audio, go check it out for some awesome free music and sound effects!

The Craftaway…

13 thoughts on “Channel Update – Upcoming Minecraft Java/Bedrock Series and more

  1. I would collab with you, I know I need to dm you but I dunno what to collab. I’m not a huge creator but I’d be happy to help by collabing as it would give me content to create plus help us both out and create some laughs. I have you on Twitter so I’ll message if I get a idea or if you beat me to it dm me 1st 🙂

  2. Yaaaay! Craftaway is always fantastic, and I am SO excited you are returning to the Forgotten Kingdoms! Also that creative series!!! Sounds like we can expect some amazing things in the future!!! Also, we need to Collab on the server!

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