Clawhammer Banjo For The Complete Beginner


Video is ready, Click Here to View × — Click the link for the Full Lesson + Tablature + Mp3 Jam Track!! Great for Beginners Learning the Basics of How To Play Clawhammer Style Banjo

33 thoughts on “Clawhammer Banjo For The Complete Beginner

  1. What part of ‘Complete Beginner’ don’t the nay sayers understand? Classic comments from the ‘I wanna play like Bela Fleck now crowd.’ You only have to practice on days that end in Y! 😉

  2. With all due respect, I think you are doing a big disservice to the art of clawhammer by teaching it with a pick.  The point of clawhammer is the interaction of the nail and the string.  No one I know of of any clawhammer repute uses a pick in this style.

  3. Well, he can't seem to get the thrid finger from the second finger right and he says he'll be "talking in terms of the middle finger".

    I give this video the middle finger . . . just leave it at that.

  4. Ah the ole bait and switch. I don't mind anyone trying to make a living –WHAT FKING do mind is you being so ignorant that can't tell that part in the beginning. Now give me back the stinking 6 min of my life wasted. If I could pay I sure wouldn't be on here. Thanks for nothing HJJHhole…

  5. Banjo heads are drums because (like a bass guitar) it's a half-percussive instrument. They're meant to be stricken somewhat at the right times. It's not always entirely necessary but when it is, it's some kind of beautiful

  6. this is one of the best frail instrution vids ive seen. turnin the picks around too makes sense. So simple but makes switching from 3 finger to frail in a song soooo easy ! thanks man

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