Client Side vs Server Side Programming – Basic Concepts


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14 thoughts on “Client Side vs Server Side Programming – Basic Concepts

  1. Stefan, I really like your courses, you explain programming concepts so clearly that even I can understand.

    But it'd be really cool if you could add the following things to your website (

    1. The "keep me logged in" feature. It's really annoying when you have to type your email and password every 10 min. or so.

    2. Keyboard shortcuts for the video player. No shortcuts in Chrome and this is the most popular web browser.

  2. Javascript framework is missing in the Front end. In current age learning to use a framework for javascript is a must either react or vue.js. Angular is falling in flavor fast.
    Doesn't matter if you do node with MERN stack (R = React) or LAMP with Laravel and vue.js/React. Current React with Django is growing as well.

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