Clutch #13 Update – ghost and a miniature ball python!


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Here is an update on are clutch #13 of ball pythons.

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34 thoughts on “Clutch #13 Update – ghost and a miniature ball python!

  1. That's a spider? Spiders have eight legs and are often hairy, but that one didn't have any legs or hair. It looks more like a snake. Your honeybees don't look like bees either because I don't see any stingers.

  2. Ausome video have you heard of the positively movement over at "The Genetic Hunter " we have live we're a bunch of like minded reptile lovers hangout and chat it would be super cool if you joined us for one it's at 6:30 pm pst everyday so if you have a few min please stop by and say hi love your channel brother have a great day

  3. I have a question. I bought a normal ball python from Backwater Reptiles online. Looks like she almost has a genetic stripe. What's the chance that she is het for something else?

  4. missed the regular vids, sorry I didn't really continue watching the last few (live) because of poor video quality which was physically hard to watch. I appreciate the regular video production value even more now, and of course I love seeing snakes in vids.

  5. What is the best snake for a first time snake owner!! I really love the bumblebee ball pythons! I am wanting one so bad and I didn't know if it was a good choice for a first time snake owner!

  6. Nice bunch. You keep all the spiders gene animals. Lol. I see your side, but I'm still not interested in them.
    Still love all things lesser. Ghost is nice too, and axanthic hypo "true" ghosts are bomb.

  7. Once again, beautiful babies!!! I love lesser, it has so many hues of those browns!! The tiny tiny is my fave!! He's just amazing, color and attitude! I'd call him Obi Wan because the force is with him!! Lol ❀️🐍

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