Coding Challenge #127: Brownian Tree Snowflake


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In this holiday coding challenge, I create a “Brownian Tree Snowflake” in Processing (Java).

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50 thoughts on “Coding Challenge #127: Brownian Tree Snowflake

  1. Thank you very very much for these videos. It's my first comment after a year of following… i don't want to write a whole story… just want to say that videos are very educational, interesting and really really fun. Thanks again (thank you very much) and Merry Christmas! 🙂

  2. Your all videos are very helpful thanks for making these videos I learned from them many things hey what you think about using the code playground Of the soloearn I am also on this
    But I see p5.js on sololearn there is a person on sololearn named coder he also use p5.js to code
    He is tell me about your channel
    If you are interested then take a look on his codes

  3. I like you man. You’re intelligent guy. I wish I can be like you are. But I’m not , i am so disappointed my self! Right now I am started learning programming languages JavaScript & c++ they’re so complex too.

  4. You really do good job 💪 I understand more than from tutorials, courses etc. After that I'm trying write my own code. There is just a practice ! You explain everything and that's help me a lot ❤️ Merry Christmas from Poland 🎅

  5. Thanks for these awesome challenges, its kind of inspiring and fun by the way you do them. Have a nice Holidays and you should make a working Rubiks Cube for another video

  6. Render them to their own image buffers and use each one as a particle in a gravity + Brownian motion simulation. Result = realistic snowfall. Or if left as just arrays of particles, allowed them to have a speed, and made them able to break if going to fast when they hit the ground. Then let them pile up on the ground.

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