Completely Changing My Tank & Python Review


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Completely Changing My Tank & Python Review
Fish Tank Remodel & Setup

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50 thoughts on “Completely Changing My Tank & Python Review

  1. 🐠 FACTS
    🐠 This video took me almost 5 hours to film!
    🐠 I had over 1.5 hrs of footage!
    🐠 my tank looks so good now!
    🐠 I CANNOT wait for you guys to see what’s going in my tank! 💕😭

  2. I did the same salt and pepper look with my sand too and I have some driftwood in there and some stones. I have plants too but my mystery snails like eating them😄.

  3. I use a 5 gallon bucket to run the water into before I put it in the tank to let the temperature equal out because it comes out cold at first and it avoids having to run so fast back and forth.

  4. You might wanna add root tabs.. Your plants are heavy root feeders and also plants easily get taken out of sand unless the root system is really developed. You need a 3 weeks to wait for the plants to root or else your corydoras would float those plants.

  5. The last 3 tanks I had were less than 15 gallons and I used store bought natural spring water for the water changes and evaporation loss. Very little chemicals were needed, very little upset of water properties such as pH, alkalinity, ammonia, etc…. When the gallons of water acclimated to the room temperature before I added it to the tanks, it did fine for the fish and plants because there wasn’t much of a temperature change. The less water treatments to use, the better….

  6. In case you don't know Amazon sells a curved attachment for the python so when you refill your tank you hook it onto the rim of the tank and you don't have to worry about the hose falling out of the tank while your refilling it.

  7. Enjoyed seeing your doggies in the middle of the video, & Patrick lending a helping hand! The python does seem to work really well! I'm impressed! I only have a 5 gallon so am not sure if I should buy the python.. I love the color of the sand too!

  8. I just started a YouTube channel and if you want to subscribe it is called Ava animal rescue. I also have a Herman’s tortoise just like Lori except mine is a baby. I also have a rabbit and 2 cats. I love Lori’s channel and it is what inspired me to get my baby tortoise(Dill) I loved this video. If you read this thanks! Have the best day.😄

  9. Love your video review and the tank. Are you still planning to get corydoras? They will like the sand a lot (assuming it's well rounded without sharp edges) and may also dig as they do in the wild. Mine also enjoyed a little flow pump so they could swim in the current. And they could hit their heads on the lid when they rapidly swim to the surface to catch a breath if the water level is too close to the lid. Hope you are still planning to get those, as I really enjoy them.

  10. If you're filling the tank up with it,how do you treat the water before putting it in the tank? Once you do get fish of course. Make sure your filter media stays in water while you do this so all the good in it from cycling doesn't die

  11. I commented on your tadpole video that you cant submerge those plants, that's why the leaves are dying. Put them in an HOB filter or a paludarium or something similar. The leaves need to be out of the water.

  12. I love that new sand, Lori. It's really nice. By the way, using sand in a planted tank, you might want to get some root tabs. I know you have the liquid fertilizer, and that's great, but it's more difficult for some plants, such as amazon swords, to get rooted in sand. Sand is more compressed than gravel, so the roots sometimes need help.

  13. A cat litter scoop (New) and a new dustpan would have helped. I would have kept at least 10% of the water to help cycle the new substrate. have 4 Lowes/Homedepot 5 gallon buckets. I fill 2 up with water wait 3-5 days and fill the other 2 buckets with "dirty Tank water". I use the fish water for my plants.

  14. Love your vids! Your awesome! My sisters Nirite snail passed away for no reason and we think it’s because he wasn’t getting enough algae. We are getting another one soon. Do you know of some good snail food that isn’t to expensive? Thanks

  15. You should try out eco complete planted tank substrate. I use it in my planted tank, my plants are growing like weeds! It has a very natural look to it! My profile pic is my snail crawling on the eco complete. She loves foraging threw it too!

  16. Lori, as you may remember i recently got a russian tortoise. I have more questions.
    1. Is it ok if my tortoise's business is sometimes white and usually liquidy?
    2. What are some good treats
    3. Are cucumbers ok

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