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Before we get started with conditions, let’s take a quick look at comparison operators. You should remember them from math class. These allow you to make a comparison between two values. For instance, 1 is less than 2, $a equals $b, or $a is not equal to ‘dude bro’.

Programming is all about conditions. Hell, life is all about conditions. We think in conditions, right? Like…

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  1. ===(triple equal) means that the type of variable must be the same.For e.g if declare
    a variable $var1 = 1; $var2= 1 if we check the condition in if statement if ($var1 == $var2)
    it evaluates to "TRUE" and if suppose on next line we have declare $var2= '1'; and again in if statement we check if ($var1 === $var2) it Return FALSE bcoz $var1 is of integer type $var2 is of string type … hope your doubt s clearified…. happy coding…..

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