Constructor in Java Theory


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This video shows what is constructor. How to use constructor?
What are different types of constructor.

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43 thoughts on “Constructor in Java Theory

  1. Sir the way you are teaching is awesome, but I have a doubt in this lecture that you have taken return type for the main method as void, as it returns nothing then why have you not taken the return type as void for constructor though it also returns nothing. Please reply me….

  2. When: When we do not explicitly define a constructor for a class is also known as parameterless constructor. java creates a default constructor for the class behalf own in background. The default constructor's job is to call the super class constructor along initialize all instance variables.

  3. The static keyword associates with any of member variables, or methods, blocks, and this can be accessed without requiring an instantiation of the class to which it belongs. In simple words, it means that you can call a method, even if you've never created the object to which it belongs like how main() is called! The static keyword is used for m/m, The static can be used with: variable (also known as class variable), method (also known as class method), block, nested class, precisely, meaning of static is fixed in a particular place or position in memory.

  4. way way better than bucky as well as Saurab Shukla,
    i've seen many tutorials for java but i had to say this no one teaches the concepts like you ,
    and your analogies….., i mean they are so cool,

  5. Hi Navin , I have a couple of questions when you declare a method with 'static' where its' memory allocated? declaring many static methods are effected to the overall performance? why can't we create always static methods instead of creating objects?

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