Consuming a RESTful webservice in PHP


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This Video is about developing a RESTful client and Covers the following
1.Sending GET/POST request to webservice resource
2.Getting Response from web service
4.JSON Decoding

Further reading :
1. ( Creating a RESTful webservice)

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2. Creating a Webservice (SOAP)

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3. Consuming a SOAP webservice

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35 thoughts on “Consuming a RESTful webservice in PHP

  1. to get parameters in body ??
    2.How to pass multiple parameters in json format to a web service using php in a body ?
    3. how to pass headers authentication to make my site secure ?
    Kindly tell me how to do that things i am beginner if u have any vedio or any type of thing then help me out ?

  2. Thanks a lot..!!This video and your previous video on creating a RESTful webserice gave me a lot of info. and your English is understandable. I have problem with merging the codes of UI and consuming webservice with your previous function.php and index.php. Can you please help me let me know how to merge all these codes

    Thanks in advance

  3. Great tutorial. 
    Now I can create a REST API for my website and provide Client side code as well for my clients.
    I have a technical question.
    $url  =  "http://localhost:8080/xampp/my_exercises/php/WebServices/?book=$name";  // <==== WORKED
    //$url  =  "http://localhost:8080/xampp/my_exercises/php/WebServices/$name";  // <==== Didn't WORK
    You made it such that the latter line to work.
    How did you change the code from the server side to make it work.
    My understanding is that server side accepted as GET with the variable name 'name'.

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