Controling a Serial (RS232) Quad Relay with PHP script


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Using a simple PHP script, and the php_serial_class you can easily control this quad relay.

9 thoughts on “Controling a Serial (RS232) Quad Relay with PHP script

  1. Hello, nices video.
    Do you have the Documentation of this device? can you share?
    (not the source code of your project)
    this code is working fine to tun on the first relay;
    "U" . (1) . "" . chr(1) . "" . chr(2) . "" . chr(0) . "" . chr(0) . "" . chr(0) . "Y";
    Bud I have not documentation from seller to move
    on… 🙁

  2. I need this code for one of my projects. Can you please share it will me. I am tired of finding the right one, finally I came across you video. And it is just what I was looking for. Please do share the coding with me

  3. scripts and some of the code for them on my blog kd8bxp (dot) blogspace (dot) com – they might point you in the right direction, and maybe if I find a few free minutes I can post this code as well.

  4. It's 4 or 5 different PHP scripts, I don't have them posted anywhere, but they were pretty simple – I did use the php serial class script as a basis and that script can be found by doing a google search, the others just send the right codes for each relay, (on or off), I also have an "all on" and "all off" script, I used these same scripts (modified slightly) for the cheer light project, a video of that was posted and can be found by looking at my other videos. I also have some other PHP serial

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