Core Java With OCJP/SCJP: Collections Part-1 || Introduction


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27 thoughts on “Core Java With OCJP/SCJP: Collections Part-1 || Introduction

  1. Dear Sir
    I really loved to watch your java videos.Being so generous and without worrying about business, you uploaded such wonderful videos for the sake and to give knowledge to the youth. I have to say that you are great among all. We are blessed to have a great teacher/professor/lecturer(whatever suits best to you) like you.
    Lots of respect and appreciation to your hard work.
    Subrato Dixit

  2. Durga sir you are absolutely so clear in what you teach every bit of the concept is so very well delivered that it just registers in our mind very clearly. Thank you very much sir. I think you are the best in teaching in this complete YouTube which is so full of videos but then yours is the one recommendable and useful to us . Thank you very much sir

  3. sir, I m jeevitha..Recently, I have seen your videos, every video is clear cut abt the topic which you have taken..I really getting improved day by day while watching your videos….Thank you, for posting such things and it will be useful for many people those who can't able to go for trainning Institutes…The students sitting in front of you are lucky to learn lively..

  4. Hi sir,
    In class total 100 students are there out of 100 students many students got less than 40 marks in the exam so i want to delete those students names in our list so which collection is suitable? please reply

  5. Sir .. thank you very much ..for uploading java sessions.. the way of your teaching is amazing. Best of luck as promised in one of your vedio , for the durgajobs ..

    Please help me on , if it is there any vedio on log4j . Kindly provide the link ..

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