Create ToDo List Application in Android – Part I


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In this tutorial series, we are going to build a basic ToDo List application using Kotlin. We are going to use SQLite Database and RecyclerView as the core for this application.

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Full Project Source Code:
JAVA Version of the same project :
Source Code Part-1:
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6 thoughts on “Create ToDo List Application in Android – Part I

  1. I loved your video, I learned a lot about the creation of the Splash Screen and its creation of XML.

    I did not know how they were designed and the change you made with the styles within the resources was very understandable to me.

    Being sincere I am an Android application development student in my country, I have 6 months learning to work with XML and Java, but honestly I find Kotlin a bit easier to understand. Besides, you explain very well.

    I look forward to the continuity of the series.

    Greetings from El Salvador.

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