Creating A Cart In Navigation Bar As Popover | Python Django Tutorials In Hindi #45


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13 thoughts on “Creating A Cart In Navigation Bar As Popover | Python Django Tutorials In Hindi #45

  1. def log():

    y = input("zim exercise or diet")

    if y=='zim exercise':

    x = input("enter your name")

    if x == "ayush":

    a =str(input())


    c = f.write(a)

    print "your log has been updated"


    b = str(input())

    faz = open("adhirat zim.txt","a")

    caz = faz.write(b)

    elif x=="keshav":

    d = str(input())

    fkz = open("kwshav zim.txt","a")

    ckz = fkz.write(d)

    if y=="diet":

    x =input("enter your name")

    if x =="ayush":

    e = str(input())

    fad = open("ayush diet.txt")

    cad = fad.write(e)

    elif x=="adhirat":

    ea =str(input())

    faad = open("adhirat diet.txt")

    caad = faad.write(ea)

    elif x == "keshav":

    ek =str(input())

    fkd = open("keshav diet.txt")

    ckd = fkd.write(ek)

    def retrive():

    by =input("enter diet or zim exercise")

    if by=="diet":

    bey =input("enter your name")

    if bey=="ayush":

    face=open("ayush diet.txt")


    elif bey=="adhirat":

    m = open("adhirat diet.txt")


    elif bey=="keshav":

    mk = open("keshav diet.txt")

    elif by=="zim exercise":

    if bey == "ayush":

    f = open("am.txt")


    elif bey == "adhirat":

    m = open("adhirat zim.txt")


    elif bey == "keshav":

    mk = open("keshav zim.txt")

    value =str(input("enter log or retrive "))

    if value =="log":


    elif value =="retrive":


    else :


    bhai ye local or global variable ki problem bata raha he

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