Creating a Custom Toolbar Panel with Python Scripting


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Make Your Own Tool Panels With Simple Scripting

Using Python in Blender allows us to extend Blender’s functionality a lot. With Python scripting we can create custom tools, menus, panels, and much more. As programming goes, Python is also quite simple and relatively easy to learn. This makes it perfect for many of us that are artists that don’t want to dive too deep into programming, but would like the…

29 thoughts on “Creating a Custom Toolbar Panel with Python Scripting

  1. i cannot find something wrong here, yet running it wont do anything:

    import bpy

    class CustomPanel(bpy.types.Panel):

    bl_label = 'Painel Customizado'
    bl_space_type = 'VIEW_3D'
    bl_region_type = 'TOOLS'

    def draw(self, context):
    self.layout.row.label(text="o meu painel")

    def register():

    def unregister():

    if _name_ == "__main__":

  2. How can i have a row.oparator to execute multiple lines of code?

    I want when I press a button in a menu:
    obj = bpy.context.object
    for bone in obj.pose.bones:
    for con in bone.constraints:
    con.influence = 0

    I guess I need to call a function or something but what is the proper way of doing that?

  3. In blender 2.76 the toolbar has changed very much. there are now tabs which include the panels so you need to tell blender in which tab it has to put our panel. if you don't do that it will create a tab named misc. does anybody know how ti fix that(which means: how can I tell blender where to put my panel?)

  4. is there a way to make one of those buttons do a series of tasks. like it adds a cube and then add a sub surf modifier then apply it all done by pressing one button?

  5. very nice…i'm trying to create a "favourite" node panel for the node editor Tool bar (something like Diffuse shader, Glossy shader, Fresnel imput, all in a single panel), but it doesn't working. I assume that things are a bit more complex for the node editor…anyone can help?

  6. Please ban telephone company ad that plays before your videos if possible. It is so friggin annoying and loud with the first five seconds of playing

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