Dealing with an Aggressive Ball Python


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In this video I’ll give you some tips and tricks when dealing with aggressive ball pythons.


7 thoughts on “Dealing with an Aggressive Ball Python

  1. I use alot of the same methods with my snakes and it definitely works much faster. Putting off handling it only prolongs its stress and so I think the idea that one shouldn't hold a snake early on is really outdated. More and more of us are proving that philosophy wrong as time goes on.

    I think it would be worth it to work with the Bumblebee because even though it doesn't bother you for it to stay that way, the snake will be happier if it can get over its fear and stop viewing you as a threat.

  2. Usually wen I ever get a aggressive or nervous snake I put him/her in the tub or sink with water and work with them there and bcus all they wanna do is get out of the water it has no choice but to climb into my hands eventually its realizes that humans and hands are good things not bad and that theres no need to be defensive or scared.

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