Debugging PHP Code with Cloud9


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We are happy to announce that Cloud9 now includes Xdebug PHP debugging out-of-the-box, for every workspace. Set your breakpoints, run your code, and squash those bugs.

9 thoughts on “Debugging PHP Code with Cloud9

  1. This does not work, I created breakpoints, but when navigates to page no breakpoint is fired, I even download xdebug extension to my browser which adds xdebug GEt parameter (this does work on localhost server with xdebug) but still not working … So whats the problem?

  2. I went one step further and created a new clean PHP workspace, put some trivial code in index.php, put some breakpoints. Run > with PHP (built in server)…. nothing happens.
    Judging by phpinfo() xdebug is indeed installed, but cannot break the code even when using xdebug_break()

  3. I'm trying to debug a Laravel app (specifically an October CMS site) and I cannot make the debugger break on the breakpoint.
    I've set several ones through the whole site and even on the index.php but it's not breaking.

    Do I need to browse it with the internal c9 browser? For some reason the internal browser is not loading my site but I can browse it in another Chrome tab.

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