Deploying Python 3 apps on Google App Engine


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This video shows you how to deploy a Python 3 application on Google App Engine.

If you don’t have a Google Cloud Platform account please check out our video on signing up for a free trial:

More information on Python on Google Cloud:
gcloud SDK installation:

Quick Command Reference:
gcloud init – log in and setup up the SDK
gcloud preview app deploy – deploy your application

13 thoughts on “Deploying Python 3 apps on Google App Engine

  1. As a newbie python programmer, I had to laugh at the end of this… It's like telling someone how to drive a car by going to teh car opening the door, putting the key in the ignition, and using the steering wheel to drive. Technically right… but there is so much behind the scenes that you need to know too… ha ha…

  2. Google is intentionally trying to make its services somewhat inaccessible so that only people who already are technically savvy with full stack feel confident enough to make something with their service. Videos like this, removing support of the GUI for their app engine, and a bunch of other moves tip their hand

  3. If I have my code in the Google Cloud Repo, is there away to deploy this code to GAE without download the SDK?

    Here's how I'm trying to develop

    Code workspace is online in a Eclipse Che Docker > Push to Github > Gitbhub > Pushes to a Google Repo. All ONLINE. Now how do i get all this online cod into a GAE deployment? Seems like I'm so close to being able code, commit all in the browser (i.e. on a Chromebook). Just can't figure out a good way to do a web deployment.

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