Destiny Child – Adult vs Teen Version – Censorship Preview – Android on PC – F2P – KR


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Now you can play with both versions on Android, Original one (+18) and the new T version (+12). The first censored version was introduced for the iOS App Store. This is a side by side preview using my own and friend list characters, so there are still some more.
The game uses the same server for all versions so you can install and play both games with the same account. For those who don’t know about Destiny Child, this is the first mobile game by Kim Hyung-Tae, the ex-art director in Blade &…

26 thoughts on “Destiny Child – Adult vs Teen Version – Censorship Preview – Android on PC – F2P – KR

  1. You know, I can actually tell that the artists who made these characters did the work on both the censored and uncensored version. Sometimes the left side looks better, and sometimes the right side does. And sometimes the edit is so minor it was just a complete waste of resources.

    I'll take the adult version with costume choice so I can choose which side I want, I'm old enough to decide what I am able to view. Thanks for the additional costumes.
    (it never works this way does it? We'll just be stuck with the right version.)

  2. Chinese government: stupid Korean, your 12 version should be 21 and marked as porn, your 18 version should be purged from this planet.
    I'm sure they will think like this.

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