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26 thoughts on “Differentiating functions to a power using the chain rule : ExamSolutions

  1. Wow Damn !!!!!!! I can finally understand the chain rule using your chain rule method. It has real helped me understand this concept, as calculus is very important in university and understanding the basics are very important before you build. thanks for saving my life as my exam is in 3 days time and I'm much more confident

  2. Hi, Im a PPE student at the university of Nottingham and having not done A level Maths, I was really baffled by all the Maths in Quantitative Economics. I have never commented on a YouTube video before but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have put it for not only helping A level students but also us university dummies :P. You are a great man. You make the hardest things really really simple. Please keep up the great work! We need more teachers like you. I have started to take interest in Maths after such a long time. You are the best.

    Sultan F. Iqbal

  3. its just amazing that i pay so much money for college and i dont get shit from it while 7 minute tutorial taught me everything i need to know in that 2 hour classroom. Thanks

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