Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 18 Breakdown – Tips & Tricks


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Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 18 Character Profile – Tips & Tricks. Android 18 gameplay, her specials, supers, moveset and tips.
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49 thoughts on “Dragon Ball FighterZ: Android 18 Breakdown – Tips & Tricks

  1. so the crazy thing is she can do some crazy ass combos if your close enough to follow up on android 17's intervention combo , you can learn it in the combo training mode for her.

  2. I know super 17 is dlc but I think they should do An asset flip with the androids, and piccolo for two free characters.
    Have 17 call in 18 and give them a fresh move set( based on the evil future versions that killed Gohan )
    And use piccolo model to make nail.

  3. WOAH… before we even get into this video… 18 is still an Android… hence her name being Android 18. Yes…fanboy… yes…not the point… yes… I dont care

  4. Thanks for these vids, man. I'm totally new to fighting games but this one made me super hyped to get into them. Unfortunately, the learning curve is steep (for me at least), so your series is really helping me out.

  5. I think the best way to use 18 is to have her around as a support who builds up meter for a more damaging character with strong combos and supers. Like, 21, Adult Gohan, 18 seems like a good team, because you can start with 21, switch her out when she gets damaged, then combo so you can switch into her candy super and she'll have a ton of health back from that and being on the bench. Between her and Gohan the meter sponge, the longer the game goes and the more meter you're allowed to build, the stronger your team gets–21 has attrition with her health gain and gets stronger from absorbing powers with her grab, Gohan gets super powerful the more meter you pump into him, and 18 can assist to absorb an attack to build meter and prevent damage, or be switched in to start filing up meter as fast as possible for the others.

  6. Android 17 and 18 didn’t become humans again. They just had the bombs that were in their chests removed. The bombs weren’t what made them androids. They’re still androids. I mean they started out as humans and were turned into androids. Well technically they’re cyborgs.

  7. Only a week from launch and 18 is the only confirmed female character. Seriously, if they can get Yamcha to be good, they can put in Chi-Chi. At least give us the Universe 6 Sayians in the dlc pack

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