Edwin Diaz PHP Course in Udemy – From Beginner to PHP Master and Make Money Fast by Edwin Diaz


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4 thoughts on “Edwin Diaz PHP Course in Udemy – From Beginner to PHP Master and Make Money Fast by Edwin Diaz

  1. Hello Edwin
    Your courses is so helpfull to me .Some day before i got your CMS php project when i implement it some things is not working and i am not resolve those error So please i need your help can you help me to solve those error

  2. Hello Edwin,

    I got your "PHP OOP: Object Oriented Programming for beginners + " and im more than half way, learning a lot! I also got Laravel since well, it was half price, and now i go throw your courses and what i can see is this https://www.udemy.com/php-for-complete-beginners-includes-msql-object-oriented/?siteID=0OMVpkJagZk-e7DUXbxRLjRlim.hNLM9VA&LSNPUBID=0OMVpkJagZk and im thinking, is this course similar to the above course? I mean, is this full OOP PHP the same way as the other? if yes i really want to get it 😀 since it will make me job ready, im sure, but what more it will give me skill.

    Id just want to make sure the course is same quality as the above, and if its up to date. I really learn a lot form you , so i have no daut about you.

    And if i won't be able to get the course, could i swap it with laravel – maybe? I think learnign PURE php woudl be better first, and focus on it then go to laravel.

    I love what you do 😀 Definitelly the best courses you have there, especially the one i hav e:D

  3. thanks Mr Edwin and i appreciate all the thing u do cuz as u said in the video you teach us the experience in the real life not just the variables…. so i wish for you the best thing and i hope to be one of the best developers and thanks <3 🙂

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