ElvUI addon beginners guide.


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ElvUI Setup for world of warcraft – beginners guide.

Download the client from – http://www.tukui.org/dl.php

18 thoughts on “ElvUI addon beginners guide.

  1. Hello there,

    Could you tell me how to "fix" my raid-frames?I mean when I'm not in combat the frames looks good ,but when I enter the combat the raid frames gone and appear after leaving the combat.Do you have any ideea how to fix it ?


  2. +Rational kid In the General tab when you open up the edit of ELVUI, there is another dropdown menu at the far right. Leave it at GENERAL and you'll see a checkbox saying BOTTOM PANEL. 

  3. Thanks for the basic guide to how to use it, however the one thing I was hoping to see, is a howto on merging the chat into one window… that is/was the one thing I was having problems with

  4. Some info I forgot to go over in the video.

    If you are used to the standard Blizzard User Interface, you might have noticed that you could 'swap' between actionbars by pressing fx "SHIFT+2".

    This option is still viable here. Just make sure you aline your bars the way you want them in the numeric order.

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