Epic Seven | Translated Super Creative Interview Review


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Interview http://www.asiatoday.co.kr/view.php?key=20190206001818212

You can find me on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/showtimedr where I stream most afternoons and evenings PST

We have an Epic 7 tab at my discord https://discord.gg/F9wk9Hq

4 thoughts on “Epic Seven | Translated Super Creative Interview Review

  1. If I am the GM, first of all, release Luna, and collect all your money. Build stronger development team, release Luna's sister, collect more cash….build more stronger team, release Luna's 2nd sister…etc.

  2. Semi-full on-home run = half chub

    Guild Wars basically boils down too. You vs 6 ML nat 5s level 60 characters. 3 times!

    You win? Well, all you characters died for that victory and you have no gear for the rest of the 100 characters sitting in your roaster…

    You lose? Well, go fuck yourself…

    I have enough gear to poorly gear up 10 characters. Not all of those characters are good for PVP. They need to randomly give us chests with a solid piece of gear for something. Just with solid stats every time for a new type of currency gained for doing some content. At least to get gear into the communities hands. I don't have a team for 11 hunts honestly, so that's out the question. If I had better gear I probably could though…

  3. You did say it was translated through google so some of that may be off like new character for the new continent still might be Ras just the "new" Archdemon form Ras. Also i really hit on the part with the 90th floor for abyss which was followed by valentines day which makes me feel like that will be part of next weeks patch

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