Equilinox – Java Game Devlog 12: Shop & Inventory


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3D OpenGL Game development log videos about my indie Java sandbox game.

Lots of GUI work this week, with the base species shop and a simple inventory implemented!

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43 thoughts on “Equilinox – Java Game Devlog 12: Shop & Inventory

  1. Is there a way that species can mutate, I know that if you breed something that is too genetically close that can cause bad mutations farther down the line. It would be cool to have to mange the gene pool so that you can have the best chance of preventing your world from going extinct.

  2. Really really cool!! Watched a few of your logs I think I love this game! wow is there a way to get beta tester or smth. similar? (maybe even without getting your patreon ^^)

  3. Great work as usual!
    If you wanted to make the shop a little more user friendly, you could make the info panel show up when you hover over the shop item rather than when you click on the icon. Just my opinion though πŸ™‚

  4. You could add a semi-transparent preview in tge world of the object you're placing. (what your do at 2:13 until 2:20)

    I would Highlight the treetype your placing in the left bar(inventory) instead of showing it at the mouse coursor.

  5. Great, great work! Congratulations!

    An idea popped in my head, so I thought I'd share it. For the dying of entities thingy, you could have a grave for every 1 in 20 animals that die, just for fun. Possibly using a random number generator or something to achieve it, I think it'd look quite neat. Just my thoughts, of course..

  6. When animals or plants die, you should make sure that the ground under them becomes more fertile. So by itself the ground must have low fertility, but when any life forms die, they make it more fertile:)

  7. +ThinMatrix what about the size of the map, it's gonna be constant or it's gonna grow by milestones achievements or via buying a map expansion from the shop, how is it gonna be? Nice design on the GUI btw.

  8. I think an improvement could be to be able to use the mouse wheel to scroll through the inventory or shop, using the mouse cursor to naviagate to the relatively small page number and clicking it takes a lot more time and it would be less likely to click on the wrong page / item accidentally.

  9. Suggestion: animate trees when they spawn or get transformed, a subtle bouncy y-scale would make it look much more lively and fun imo. Render the tree as a separate entity while it animates and then add it to the batch when the animation is completed.

    Great looking game so far, good luck. This inspires me to keep working on my own game too.

  10. You can add a super easy to make die animation for trees. Just make them fall on the ground ( simple code of turning object around axis with some easing, and fall through terrain until it gets completely invisible as many other games do ) And nice job, bro!

  11. great work! but i have an idea. how about when a tree dies, the model stays there but in a dead state. and you can remove it by spending a bit of dp! that way you can make it so that when trees die it doesnt just dissappear. this was just an idea of mine πŸ™‚ hope you like it!
    (p.s. you are the best java game programmer I've seen on youtube :D)

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