Farming Simulator 17 – Map First Impression – Oklahoma USA 2017


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American Eagles Modding –;sa=view;id=1678 –

John Deere 7760 Cotton harvester –

Cotton Harvester review –

Peanut harvester –;sa=view;down=1649

This is the rebuild of…

9 thoughts on “Farming Simulator 17 – Map First Impression – Oklahoma USA 2017

  1. Nice review. Downloaded the map. Crashes the game on load. Put the map and that mod he provides as the only entries in my mods folder. Game loaded fine. Added Seasons to the folder, restarted the game, and it crashed. Seasons crashes this map! Bummer. BTW tried both 1.3 and 1.3.1 versions of Seasons.

  2. Played a lot on it in 15 was a awesome map not sure how I fill about this one . Looks pretty nice , not too much of a fan of the auto sell points. Its nice that he has the sell points go either way on the auto sell points , at least that's the way I am taking it to be ? Might give it a looking at and try it and see how it goes . Great review on it .

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