Firebase Phone Authentication Android Tutorial


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In this video we will learn using Firebase Phone Authentication in our Android Application.

The best thing about firebase is, it can completely replace your backend, and it is absolutely free for starter apps.
Every service is free upto some limit, with Firebase Phone Authentication you get 10,000 free authentications per month. Thats amazing, you will not find any other otp service provider for free.

You might have already seen this type of authentication, the basic philosophy is, user…

39 thoughts on “Firebase Phone Authentication Android Tutorial

  1. In the mCallBack instance we have the method

    onVerificationCompleted(PhoneAuthCredential phoneAuthCredential){}

    And here instead of creating another PhoneAuthCredential object by calling the method verifyCode() we can directly use this PhoneAuthCredential object for signInWithCredential() method.

    And this is a much better way. Thank You and sorry that I forget to say this in the video.

  2. Thenk you for your tutorial but when i try to run it i get this message " the forma of your number provieded is incorrect ……." , how can i fixe it ? knowing that i am from algeria with +213 code . thank you !

  3. hi sir,
    Thanks for your explanation.
    I did same as what you said but it is displaying the following error "This app is not authorized to use firebase authentication.Please verify that correct package name and SHA-1 are configured in the firebase console [App validation failed]"
    package name and SHA-1 ARE correct in firebase console.
    Can you please help me.

  4. Sir once i logout from my apps… I couldn't log in again… I didn't get any verification code at second time and String code shows null. Plz tell whats the problem.Thanks in Advance sir

  5. Sir After completing signing in I want to direct the user to account setup activity and then after completing the process I want the user to enter the profile activity How can I do this Please Help

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