[FIX] – Snapchat Crashing On ‘Android P’ – Beta?!!


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In this video we will be taking a look at some of the fixes for Snapchat on Android P.

v10.22 : https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/snap-inc/snapchat/snapchat-10-22-0-0-release/

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23 thoughts on “[FIX] – Snapchat Crashing On ‘Android P’ – Beta?!!

  1. Version 10.22 works well on Pixel 2 XL
    (If you are on the last version, you don't have to reinstall the App, just clear the storage and log in again.)
    EDIT: 10.22 don't working anymore 😭

  2. So I think I found a fix, I'm almost certain it has to do with webview implementation switching over to chrome instead of using android system WebView so in order do fix it you need to disable chrome under apps and it should re enable android system WebView automatically, you can check under developer options if youd like to make sure. Also if you use chrome constantly you can always download the chrome beta like I'm doing currently

  3. Clearing cache and storage works. You have to relogin though.
    I can't seem to pinpoint the cause of the crash.

    I think no matter what you do, it will crash. Reinstalling a new version might work at first, but eventually something causes the crash.

  4. Helpful, but 10.22 still crashes when removing from recent aswell. Force closure all round no matter what. Clear cache and data then log back in is only working thing. Pixel XL

  5. Working for me as of now on the Pixel 2. I got kinda scared when I tried opening snapchat on Android P for the first time and it kept crashing, but the version you put in the description works great. Thanks

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