FREE 500 hours of CCNA Remote Labs! Livelabs3 = Remote labs for CCNA | CCNP | Python | SDN and more


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Win 500 hours of CCNA remote lab time with David Bombal! It’s time for the David Bombal Christmas Giveaway. Today’s giveaway is 500 hours of remote rack rental using our CCNA or CCNP racks. Practice, practice and practice to pass your exam! You will be using real, physical equipment hosted in our data centers.

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If you want to win, do the following:
1) Follow me on Twitter: @davidbombal
2) Subscriber to my YouTube channel:

46 thoughts on “FREE 500 hours of CCNA Remote Labs! Livelabs3 = Remote labs for CCNA | CCNP | Python | SDN and more

  1. Thank you so much David, I am preparing for my CCNA RS & later I am planning to do CCNP . I am practicing using Cisco Packet Tracer, access to Live Labs will be of great help. Thank you in advance. God Bless!!

  2. I got into IT a few years ago and now it is my primary source of income for me and my family. 500 hours of LiveLabs would go a long way to me getting my CCNA and CCNP so I can continue to climb the ladder and bring others along with me. Plus, who doesn't like geeking out and learning more about how to bring information to the masses!

  3. I am a Network Engineer here in the Philippines and the main challenge here is the cost and availability of physical devices. That being said, this 500 hour remote lab would really be a great help in boosting my career in IT.

    Thank you David, and Merry Christmas!

  4. Greetings David,
    I have being following your training on YouTube , Udemy and GNS3 for a while already and since I lost my job, right now I do not have the means to afford to put together a lab or purchase the year subscription from Cisco/VIRL to simulate everything on GNS3. This access to the Lab would be a great Christmas present.

    All best wishes and Happy holidays to everyone.

  5. Hi David..I work in IT field in networking domain .I should win this cause so that it will help me learn more about networking and enhance my knowledge and also will help me to switch job from current company. It would be really helpful if I get access to real devices than simulators .

  6. Merry Christmas! Mr. David, You are doing a fabulous job. God bless you!
    I wish to win this prize If my luck works and i could win any of the prizes i will carry forward the legacy and will train the needy ones (financially backwards) for free.
    Infact, It will also help me learn and grow in my career. Thank you!

  7. I've been passionate about networking since my first Intro to Computer Networking class in college! I made the CAREER CHANGE into IT AFTER graduating and got my A+, Net+ and a job 6 short months after making that decision. I manifested my vision into reality! I want to go into cybersecurity, and for that, you need a strong understanding of networking. I would like the study materials because the CCNA is one of the certs on my list for 2019 🙂 thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Hi David, I'm new to CCNA. I find your material very interesting and helpful. Your livelabs, I believe will continue to hold my interest and help me tremendously achieving my CCNA! Thanks for all you do!

  9. Hey sir,I enrolled in your gns3 course.I spent all of my pocket money buying courses! As a student I don't have any other sources of the income.I don't want to ask my parents for more money as they are doing extra efforts to keep me happy.It would be great If I get this voucher.
    Instagram id: rishabh.go

  10. Hi David, great opportunity for those professionals who want to strengthen and improve the knowledge of R / S in Cisco Technologies, which do not have physical access to devices such is my case that would help me a lot. Thank you.

  11. It's ok if I don't win the prize. But it will not be ok, if miss this opportunity to thank you for all your efforts and endeavors. I am a student, and I see you as my mentor and teacher to lead my path to become awesome network geek. Cheers to your spirit. Happy Holidays!

  12. I should win the giveaway because the training will allow me to add tremendous value to my delivery of Cisco courses. I will definitely take the certification exam, and this will demonstrate my prowess with the application to my students..

  13. recently enroll in gns3 certification course, right mixed of switch, router, sdn, programming, network automation. gns3 certification will be much more that any vendor specific certification. thanks

  14. Hello David,

    Greetings from Texas! I would love to win to further my networking career by access to real equipment allowing for further development of the traditional commands we know that exist within packer tracer. The best part is it can be done anywhere which benefits as I learn from home and at work.

  15. I am a 70-year-old high school teacher and would like to retire and start a new career. I I do most of my CCNA studying in the iMac lab at school. I cannot access your packet 7.2 Tracer files as I go through your lessons. This would allow me too finish my studies. I am at physics and computer teacher and have always enjoyed problem-solving and networking combines these two aspects of enjoyment. Being a homeschooling dad of five children this new career would allow me to provide for my family better. Two of my goals are to teach Networking at a junior college and also at my church and help people if they want to change careers.

  16. I hope i can win because I really want to learn in depth by labbing and simulate real or at least almost real the real scenario in real world into gns3 and adding new technologies like automation and simplify the traditional network 😉

  17. Hey David, Following you for sometime now.
    Hope you are enjoying my home country, currently working through your Udemy packet tracer labs keeping my skills sharp.

    Keep up the good work dude! Enjoy your holiday 🙂

  18. I´m currently starting the CCNP R&S journey after a year of getting the CCNA and IT expertise and it would be great to have livelabs for studying and also to improve my skills, thank you for all the support to the IT community Mr. David, thanks to your CCNA course I could get my CCNA R&S last year.

  19. Hello sir , I'm the student from nepal . And I'm following you last 3/4 month ..and I find it very helpful .The way your teach is awesome . If I can be part of this lab .. I think I could do more better

  20. I am a network engineer from Costa Rica who would like to become a Next Generation Network Engineer to inspire others, give trainings and conferences. In this moment of my career I need to reinvent myself, get out of my comfort zone and achieve the excellence. I want to be part of the solution for many of my folks in my country that like me has this energy and passion to fight for our goals with education. Thanks David!

  21. I already follow you on Twitter and Instagram.

    The reason why I want to win, its because I feel passion for technology and teaching:

    I was a Cisco Instructor in Mexico and helped many people to get their CCNA/CCNP Certification

    Im creating a YouTube Channel of video tutorials with labs in Spanish for the latin community (I have over 60 videos an counting, this is the actual channel)

    I collaborated as a voluntary tech editor for three of Paul W Browning book series "101 Labs"

    Im a CCIE candidate (written passed, planning and labbing for my lab exam in may) and I want to extend my knowledge in new technologies.

    I belong to routergods (I dont connect to often with them, but I do belong to that studygroup), and Ive been a student of Narbiks bootcamp twice.

    Im looking for new oportunities and to relocate, so I want to enhance my resume and be more competitive.

    I hope I can be selected for the GNS3A cert bundle.

    Best regards.

    Mario Salinas.

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