Freemax FireLuke SubOhm Tank w RBA – VapnFagan


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Freemax Fire Luke

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35 thoughts on “Freemax FireLuke SubOhm Tank w RBA – VapnFagan

  1. The Freemax RTA pink and purple would be great for the Wifey's birthday in a few weeks she has become quite the chain vaper her favorite tank is the crown 3 mine is the bigger brother since I got some mesh coils ! Thanks Mark for all that you do the great review and chance to score 🎼 Mike out

  2. Great Indepth Review! Loved it.

    But a couple questions for the community : i just purchased this tank online – was kinda talked into it by the live chat agent – even though I told her I am a mouth to lung guy and don't fidget with rta's anymore. My questions are 1. Can a mouth to lung guy get a decent vape off this thing if I shut down the air flow to the minimal ? 2. They were out of the new mesh version so I just went with this one. Anyone who owns both is there a major difference between the two or is this version ok ?

    Thx to anyone that would reply !

  3. I've always used RDAs at home but carried a tank setup out for convenience. Then I realized the other day that I hadn't touched a tank in Idk how long. I was a Cleito 120 gal so this reminds me of that w/the bubble glass…. Oh, that pink & purple bit you did at the end was hilarious!

  4. I reluctantly bought one of these at the recommendation of a buddy because I saw it as more of gimmick. Boy how wrong I was! It has become my most used RTA. Whether intentional or just an after thought, the bubbled out glass puts your mouth closer to the coils and produces much better flavor than most RTA's. It's also just about impossible to screw up the wicking job on this thing. Great tank!

  5. I've always liked weird thing and this tank is weird. Plus Fagan what's wrong with purple and pink lol 😂 my favorite sub ohm tank was the OG Crown and since Uwell has been a disappointment I'm Rda all the way. Btw wth was with the Horse and sheep sounds? Mr hands coming back??

  6. I got this when it came out and love the look ad flavor I get! I HATE the fact that it spits in my mouth!!! it doesn't matter what watts I am at. I even tried a new coil with the same spitting. since I vape with nic in my liquid I will probably be stopping using this tank. I am very unhappy. I wonder if this is only happening to me or are all the reviewers full of crap and wont give a true review?

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