From Android to iOS: I’m NEVER Going Back


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I switched from Android to iOS, and I’m never going back. Here’s why iOS has the clear edge over Android, and why I’m in the iOS ecosystem to stay.

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14 thoughts on “From Android to iOS: I’m NEVER Going Back

  1. iOS 12 when it was announced was the first time I was excited for an iOS update. I still have a couple things that keep me from iOS, but the iPhone XR was the closest I came to getting one. Apple is getting on the right track with their phones right now. And Google… can't make up its mind.

  2. I'm with you mate. After a year with Android (only because I wanted the best camera) I'm going back to iOS. Apart from all that you said, I just love to be able to use an iPhone with one hand (with reachability feature). And yeah, getting the watch too this time. Tried a wear os watch and it wouldn't work properly with a stock Android phone!

  3. I was done with Google when as a paying customer with my G-Suite domain name; They never gave support for G-Suite paying customer for Google Home Support or not being support for my G-Suite Calendar. However, Alexa support G-Suite Calendar or my Exchange account.

  4. I totally agree with you. This time last year I was a Pixel 2 sheep but Google Pixel brand is a total bad joke. I can't wait to get an iPhone again, probably the Xs

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