Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Beta Review: New Features and Stability!


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Happy to be back, missed you guys!
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28 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie Beta Review: New Features and Stability!

  1. New features and stability 🤣🤣. A thousand dollar smartphone still struggles with stability.. a big shame to Samsung their phones are never stable. Thank you but I think I will stick to my Nokia 7 plus and Nokia 8 for now until I find another modern flagship device that is worthy of purchase.

  2. Hi Jeff. I'm new to your page. I normally try to stay optimistic when it comes to tech. I really really hope they can fix this before the official release! I have subscribed to your channel in the hopes that they fix everything that is wrong.

  3. Samsung's new design language is just awful. It's feeling like they retired professional devs & hired only newbies which are testing their knowledge 😀 😀 I just hate this new look of Samsung Experience.

  4. Hey Jeff, great video! Appreciate it. Question, what always on display widget are you using? Your video is showing your icons for the notification and they are popping! Very bright! My daughter and I wanyed to know what you're using. Thanks!

  5. i dont know if ill love pie when it comes officially to snapdragon versions but i hate the new navigation features and always on screen
    look, currently using the curerent ui and loveit but why dont they just refine everything else?

  6. Is it too much to ask for stock Android on a Galaxy handset? I'd definitely go back to Samsung if they did that. If a failing startup company like Essential can push out an Android Pie update before Google can, how can a company like Samsung, with unlimited resources not do the same?

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