Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max: Which is Worth Your $1,000?


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Read the full comparison: | Android’s greatest goes up against Apple’s latest. Which is the better $1,000 phone, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone XS Max?

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44 thoughts on “Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max: Which is Worth Your $1,000?

  1. I thought about buying the IPhone XS max but with none of the accessories included no need to waste money on things that should be in the box I get Apple wants to make money but to sell a phone at $ 1000 to almost $ 2000 with  no extra storage no fast charging brick and no headphones I'll pass and wait for the Samsung S10 I like note 9 as well Samsung is doing what Apple should be doing and get rid of that stupid notch and stop being stubborn about it

  2. I was using a Samsung galaxy a8 star and then I bought an Xs max day before yesterday. I have to say the Xs max is the most fucked up phone I’ve ever used. The UI feels smooth and all but there is pretty much nothing you can do with one hand , even unlocking the device is so irritating. I don’t wanna reach the bottom of the screen to swipe up every time I unlock the phone. I put my sim back in the a8 star and I’ll be moving to note 9 or more 10 next year

  3. No headphone jack, no fast charging in the box, no split screen mode, notch, lower resolution screen, no fingerprint scanner, heavier, pricier, no expandable storage, no dex capability, no s pen or apple pencil integration whatsoever, etc etc. Sorry man but unless u hate android, I can't understand why u would prefer the iPhone

  4. iPhone raw performance is at least twice as note, double/quadruple that with its'efficient OS. Based on performance alone, It'l still worth your money even if iPhone's was 4x Note's price..
    I bought Note simply because it has stylus (no compare, it's either do or don't).

  5. I'd rather have function over form
    I don't want a Luis Vuitton bag
    Apple is a luxury brand or at least trying to be.

    Both beautiful devices, but why just luxury when you can have both ? I want to do everything as I wish, not just roll over and do what they want.

  6. Lol enjoy charge gate, another fine example of Apples shitty QC on their products. For those of you who don't know some of the phones don't charge with the screen off.

  7. Android fans triggered at all the positive feedback on the iPhone. Relax people, they're just phones. They SHOULD both be incredible with the price tags they hold. You can't go wrong with either, just buy whichever you like. Or both…like I did

  8. If you do don't care paying 1200$ for the phone and not getting even a fast charger with, not to mention a cheapy headphones dongle… If you don't care that your kid's can show the phone in your face and get it unlocked, and someone even can show in your face and run away… If you don't care that you look at your phone and anyone can read the notifications with you and you do not have alternative fast unlock potion, for example fingerprint… Then you maybe better choose iPhone over Note 9. Good Luck!

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