Getting Started with RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP: Python & Pika


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Learn how to setup a RabbitMQ instance with CloudAMQP and use it with Python and the popular client library Pika.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Started with RabbitMQ and CloudAMQP: Python & Pika

  1. Hey, what it do man, I scriptd a snip of connection just like than one, was doing a project a few months back, FREEMIUM, it don't seem to be working NOW, failed connection, checked everything {sites, groups and all} and everybadi, no help.
    Last hope is to rant here,

  2. This is beautiful! Works great in Python 2.7. However, (unexpectedly) the steps as presented in this tutorial do not run with the latest Python 3.6.1.

    Here is a little thought for the team…. Version 2.7 is very old, unmaintained, and scheduled for deprecation. I would suggest that the team at CloudAMQP tests all their tutorials with version 3 of Python… Be the future. Not the past.

  3. Great video! quick question: Is pika built on top of celery or is celery built on top of pika?? I understand both has/can use rabbitmq as a broker..

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