Godot Engine Android Export Tutorial


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Here is a new Godot engine tutorial on how to export, install and open an Android Godot application on a real mobile device.

I explain which software you need, where to get it and how to configure Godot before you export the apk file.

I show how to install it manually on the Android device and also how to use the Godot One Click Deployment.

Download Android Studio:

Download the JDK 1.8 from…

25 thoughts on “Godot Engine Android Export Tutorial

  1. Need Help!!!
    I export godot project to android apk.But problem is that apk are not install in my phone.But why ??? anyone please help me find out this problem. Anyone want to help me with teamviewer please?

  2. thanks for tutorial, I got the apk and it is working 🙂 there is almost nothing in my app just a button and label which when exported it was 14mb is there any reason why it's too big?

  3. Hey @Jayanam , I have a problem. When I export my first project, it was OK. But then I wanted to export another project but android asked me "do you update this app" but these were two different project. And then a warning message " App is not installed". I think android thinks that those are the same project because of debug.keystrores are the same. But even I generated a new one, I still have that problem 🙁

  4. For those people who have an error which says that File not found, or illegal option when generating the debug key.

    It's because your Home directory has a space in its path such as c:UsersJohn Smithandoird. Yeah, this is not all correct command since the code with break the whole path and think they are 2 separate options.
    How to fix this, it's quite simple. Find the word %HOMEPATH%/.android/debug.keystore and put them in a quotation.

    you 'll end up like this:
    keytool -genkey -v -keystore "%HOMEPATH%/.android/debug.keystore" -alias androiddebugkey -storepass android -keypass android -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000 -dname "CN=Android Debug,O=Android,C=US"

  5. Hi Jayanam.. I actually followed your tutorials and replaying it alot.. but before this video was uploaded I already and sucessfully install an apk… my main problem is the game is way too Laggy.. i notice it too in this video that your Idle-loop character seems the same way too laggy..

    Do you know how to fix it?

    I jump back from version 3.0
    2 to godot vr2.1.5 and tried this project then the lag disappears(maybe this runs GLES2? And the previous GD3 runs GLES3) but the codes are way too advance like move_and_slide() for 3d and physics_process where I dont know how to create a alternative.. help.. :'(

    The news says there will be a Godot Vulkan where they will go back to gles2. But I dont know when this will be..

    I really do learn alot from your videos by how perfectly you deliver the details that you wanna teach us.. please lend me your wisdom.. even just a tiny bit..
    Im looking forward for your new video.. Hugs from the heart.. Supporting you alwayZ

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