Google Maps Nearby Places Tutorial | PART 1 ( Android Tutorials )


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This is a continuation to Google Maps tutorials series. There are 5 previous parts to this tutorial. But I created a separate series for this because this nearby places tutorial will take around 4-5 parts to complete. If you want to watch the previous parts the links are below :

Nearby Places Tutorials :
Part 2 :
Part 3 :

Google Maps Tutorials :
Watch previous parts HERE :
Part 1 :…

20 thoughts on “Google Maps Nearby Places Tutorial | PART 1 ( Android Tutorials )

  1. I tried it out in a map activity it works fine but while trying to implement it in map fragment it doesn't add markers to the nearby places. Can you please help? We can't add marker to a fragment from an external class?

  2. Hey, great tutorial !
    I want to make an Android form in which if user enter his location (or by fetching his current location) then the nearby hospitals may start showing as drop-down or as options, how I can do this ?

  3. Followed all your tutorials and doesnt seem to be pulling the restaurants. Only needed restaurants for my app but there is no errors in my code, is it to do with the web link for the JSON pull?

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