Google Maps tip: Send directions to your Android phone from your desktop


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Late last week, Google updated its Maps Android app to version 9.11.0. Although its user interface remains the same, it now has one pretty awesome feature: You can now send locations, navigation instructions and directions straight to your Android phone. Cam guides you through a simple and quick tutorial on how to get it done.

Google Maps 9.11.0:

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6 thoughts on “Google Maps tip: Send directions to your Android phone from your desktop

  1. Did you cover "the basics" at the beginning of this video? And by that, I mean, did you say whether or not the phone MUST have a data account on it? (Don't assume anything, please.)

  2. Thanks for this – I needed to understand why my directions weren't being received by my phone, until I noticed that my notifications were switched off for Maps – thanks to you for bringing that to my attention 🙂

  3. I tried it and was amazed to discover that it works offline.  My Android phone was on a Wi-Fi connection when I sent directions to it from my desktop.  I took the phone to the car and drove to my destination without a connection of any kind.  I got complete turn-by-turn directions until I arrived.  On the return trip, however, Maps refused to open because I didn't have a signal.  So now I'm trying to figure out how to make a round trip!

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