Google Maps Tutorial : Part 1 (Android Tutorials)


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In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a basic google maps app using google maps v2 plugin. Android Studio makes it all easier by making everything ready for you. You just have to create a key and copy it in the app.

I will teach you how to do that in this tutorial. It will show only a fixed location near nigeria. In the next part, I will show you how to show your current location.

Source Code of full app :…

33 thoughts on “Google Maps Tutorial : Part 1 (Android Tutorials)

  1. what if my application has already been set up and working ..with min api 15. and i dont want to change the minimum api level. will this work with it or not? i mean will it perform correctly on virtual device?

  2. Can you assist me on one thing. I am trying to animate map in my Map fragment. I want to rotate map in tilt view (45Degree) to give user a search experience. I change the Bearing by 120Degree (3 times in an order, on each camera animation finish) so Map rotates and complete 360Degree cycle. But there is an easing effect in each camera rotate start and ending point. How can I control that easing effect in animation, in order to make the animation linear (which will remove the jerks in animation, when camera is rotating around a center point). Please suggest.

  3. i developed application of Google Map with the help of your videos.How can this app work without internet and How can i set location reminder of any place,location,any market,shops,university every place with ringtone alarm and vibration options using google map.kindly help me.i'm waiting.

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  6. hi. awesome vids…awesome awesome… Just 1 question. Can I put user location to my database? its like 99acer dot com . If you register to sale your property then they r showing a map,on their website,where you can drag and drop that marker/bellun on your property,then you may click submit botton. so that other people can exact property. is it possible? please tell.

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